I am very passionate about the conservation of forests and preservation of animals on the planet. Since I was young I have always loved animals and been fascinated with our world. After coming to the realization that most of my work surrounds the themes of nature, animals, and food, I decided to donate to a bigger cause. I am not a featured artist on For Mother Nature and I donate a percentage of sales from my art to AmericanForests.org.

Steampunk Collection

The elephant depicted above was the first of a series of pieces I developed for a steampunk collection. This first series consisted of watercolor steampunk animals in various sizes. An article is featured on Meta Punk which goes into more detail about this project. Original prints and some original pieces from this colleciton are available on my Etsy shop.

In 2017 I developed a series of safari animals in bright colors and comical themes to parady the growing threat to endangered animals. I did not select endangered species for the series but the themes allude to current issues.

Safari Collection

Sea Creatures

I also created a series of sea creatures.

You can also view how I create some of these pieces on my Youtube channel.