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Andalee Motrenec

Illustrator & Designer

designing since 2010

My personal design studio page is here.

I currently live in Orange County, California as a local designer born and raised in Huntington Beach. My mother was a fine artist, and my father was an inventor and business owner.

I hold a Master's degree in English with an area of concentration in tutoring foriegn language speakers and teaching reading. This background has aided me in the design field because it taught me how to conduct research and gave me experience working with groups of intellectuals. I gained experience in both graphic design, copywriting, editing, and marketing.

Personal Interests

Currently my interests span the fields of nutrition, exercise and body building, active sports such as snowboarding, fine art and illustration, and reading. During the winter months I grab my laptop and work remotely from the mountains, and during the summer I love the beach. I'm learning to paddleboard and enjoy the waves of creativity as each season brings a new episode of learning and growth.

Feeding the mind informs design.

At the moment I am catching up on my post-graduation reading list and it consists of A History of Philosophy Vol 2. Mediaeval Philosophy Augustine to Bonaventure by Frederick Copleston and Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. In addition to a long reading list I am working through, I also enjoy science fiction and fantasy television shows. I am an avid Bible reader. I truly believe feeding the mind informs design.

Current Projects

Currently I am working on a series of oil paintings inspired by the Metamorphoses play adapted from Ovid. This series I am looking to have curated for a show or submitted to a venue appropriate to the subject matter I am exploring. You can follow my instagram for updates on my progress.

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